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Rapid Prototyping is the process to build the physical parts directly from the data the Computer Aided Design (CAD). This process is based on additive manufacturing technique, is a 3d object is created by bonding thin slices of material layer by layer.

3D printing is a generic term used primarily for additive manufacturing, where the object is constructed layer by layer. There are a number of technologies 3DP, borrowed from the large RP systems, the main difference is the choice of material, build speed and accuracy of parts.

NC stands for Computer Numerical Control, refers to a computer "controller", that drives the machine. CNC machining is one of our most used services, suitable for functional, smooth and precise machined part directly from the engineering plastics or metals. Please check our CNC reserved for extensive information.

Manufacturing Fundamentals of Stereolithography SLA (Stereolithography)
SLA is also known as Stereolithography, provides precision parts with excellent surface finish. SLA process works so that the healing liquid photopolymers into solid cross-sections, layer by layer, using the ultra violet laser. The SLA is widely used for conceptual models, master patterns for Silicon, visualization tools and product validation.